From March 31 to April 1, 2017, Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co., Ltd. and Iveco of Fiat Group of Italy conducted PPAP audit on the mass production line supporting the production of F1 engine cylinder block by Chengdu Zhengheng Power Co., Ltd. (PPAP, production part approval process, production part approval process, aims to examine the products that the supplier meets the customer's requirements according to the specified production beat in the actual production process.)



(group photo of Nanjing Iveco experts, Fiat experts and Zhengheng power project team members)


In September 2015, Zhengheng power successfully delivered the first batch of samples to Nanjing Iveco; In May 2016, Zhengheng power completed the construction of F1 mass production line and passed the customer's mass production line acceptance in June of the same year; Since the establishment of the line, Zhengheng power has produced and delivered the F1 engine cylinder block used by Nanjing Iveco. The quality control level is exactly the same as that in Europe and has been highly praised by customers; In this PPAP audit of the mass production line of F1 engine cylinder block conducted by Nanjing Iveco and Fiat, the customer gave high comments on the production process and quality control of Zhengheng power. Finally, Zhengheng power passed the audit with high scores and officially opened the mass production stage of F1.



(Nanjing Iveco experts and Fiat experts conduct on-site audit on F1 mass production line)


F1 engine is the latest generation of diesel engine of Fiat Power Technology (FPT). It has won the European star engine award, and its advanced technology platform is comparable to any European light diesel engine. F1 engines were first supplied with complete vehicle matching in the form of imported parts assembly in China. Since the world-class factory Qiaolin base built by Nanjing Iveco with an investment of 7 billion was put into operation, F1 series engines have been fully localized.




F1 engine, with a displacement of 3.0L, has very strong power performance, with a power rise of 36kw / L and a maximum torque of 370n. M. its peak value can last from 1400 rpm to more than 2800 rpm, which is much higher than the peak value that can be maintained by similar products in the market. This advantage enables Nanjing Iveco products to maintain a more stable state during continuous climbing or parking power extraction, and can cope with various complex working conditions and environments. At the same time, F1 engine has the great advantages of better handling, stronger durability, lower emission, lower fuel consumption and lower operating cost.



(F1 engine assembly)


The formal mass production of Zhengheng power F1 engine cylinder block processing project is a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change for the company's long-term improvement of technical level and quality assurance ability.



(F1 engine is equipped with Nanjing Iveco powerdaily)

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