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Chengdu Zhengheng Power Co., Ltd. is a customer-oriented company, committed to providing customized products and services to every customer.
With "engine block" as the leading industry, we provide customers with one-stop solutions and localization support from design, mold, casting and machining in the fields of cylinder head, bearing cover, oil pump body, gearbox housing, chassis parts, cast aluminum parts, cast iron parts, etc., and provide stable products and system solutions for customers all over the world.


Zhengheng power has four manufacturing plants, plasma cylinder hole spraying technology center and 3D printing center in China. At present, the company has designed and produced more than 150 kinds of cast iron engine cylinders, more than 30 kinds of cast aluminum engine cylinders and shells, and more than 160 kinds of other aluminum parts, with a total sales of more than 20million cylinders. Its sales network has covered 34 provinces and cities in China and overseas countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia.


The fastest product development cycle is 25 days


A total of 188 castings have been developed


More than 20 million engine blocks have been produced

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Rich Experience

Zhengheng power has rich manufacturing experience and business history, and its foundry has a long history. Each product strictly adopts IATF 16949 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 safety management system certification, TPS lean production management system and other international high standards. Strive to meet customers' different needs for products in the shortest time. The fastest delivery time of samples can be shortened to 25 days.

Strong Technical Team

Zhengheng  has advanced product and technological innovation capabilities. The company and its subsidiaries have 8 invention patents, 220 utility model patents and 2 design patents. The company has invested heavily in product R & D and upgrading, cooperated with Sichuan University, Kunming University of technology and other domestic well-known universities, and established Casting Research Institute, thermal spraying Research Institute, Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, etc., so as to improve the technical level of the enterprise, and the driving force for sustainable development is endless.
We have 1500 business elites, including resident guidance experts from Japan, Germany and Austria. The strong advantages of collaborative development and integrated production, equipment and quality control are the important guarantee for the company to maintain continuous product innovation..




The engine block and related auto parts products produced by Zhengheng power have been applied to more than 30 automobile factories and engine main engine factories of gasoline, diesel and hybrid models in the world, and gradually expanded to the domestic automotive aftermarket and overseas market; The application fields of products are also gradually expanded from passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles to hybrid vehicles, new energy vehicles, aviation, shipbuilding, rail transit, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and other industries.