Thermal spraying technology refers to the use of a certain heat source, such as arc, plasma arc, combustion flame, etc., to heat the powdered or filamentous metal and non-metallic coating materials to the molten or semi molten state, and then atomize them with the help of the power of the flame flow itself or the external high-speed air flow and spray them to the surface of the pretreated base material at a certain speed, A technique for forming surface covering coatings with various functions by combining with base materials. In the spraying process, the molten particles hit the substrate surface and spread into thin sheets, which are cooled and solidified instantly. The subsequent particles continue to hit the previously formed sheets and accumulate to form a coating.


According to different heat sources, thermal spraying technology can be divided into: atmospheric plasma spraying, supersonic plasma spraying, arc spraying, high-speed arc spraying, flame spraying, supersonic flame spraying, explosive spraying, cold spraying, etc. The general process flow of thermal spraying includes three basic processes, namely surface pretreatment, spraying and coating post-treatment. The basic process flow is shown in the figure:


Post time: Aug-02-2020

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