Cylinder head partner you don’t know-cylinder head cover

Last time, the editor posted an article about the cylinder head. Today I will take you to know the cylinder head cover that is closely connected to the cylinder head.

1. What is a cylinder head cover?
The cylinder head cover is an important part of the engine, located above the cylinder block and immediately below the cylinder head. Typically made from aluminum alloy or cast iron, it has a variety of features and construction to protect, seal, and optimize engine operation.

cylinder head cover (3)

2. The function of cylinder head cover:

Sealing and protection: The primary function of the cylinder head cover is to cover and seal the cylinder head, keeping the oil inside while isolating external contaminants such as dirt and moisture to maintain engine reliability.

Oil mist separation: When the engine is running, oil mist is generated, and the inner surface of the cylinder head cover helps cool and condense the oil mist, allowing the oil to flow back to the oil sump. In addition, it assists with crankcase ventilation to reduce internal pressure, prevent leaks, and improve engine efficiency.

Oil filler port: The cylinder head cover usually has an oil filler port, which can be a simple hole or a more complex oil filler tube to facilitate maintenance and oil addition.

Sensor Mounts: In some engines, the cylinder head cover also serves as a mounting mount for sensors, including camshaft position and camshaft timing sensors, which provide important engine control information.

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3. Classification of cylinder head covers:

Cylinder head covers can be divided into two main types:

One-piece cylinder head cover: This cover covers all cylinders and is typically used on light car engines.

Split cylinder head cover: Split cylinder head cover can be divided into two types:

Monoblock: covers one cylinder, common in high-power diesel engines.

Block type: can cover two or more cylinders, used on some gasoline and diesel engines.

cylinder head cover (1) cylinder head cover (2)

4. Materials used:

Cylinder head covers are usually made from two main materials:

Aluminum alloy: The cylinder head cover of light car engines is often made of aluminum alloy because aluminum alloy has good strength and lightweight, which helps reduce the weight of the entire vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.

Cast Iron: Cylinder head covers for heavy-duty cargo diesel engines are typically manufactured from cast iron because cast iron performs well when withstanding high temperatures and pressures, providing excellent durability for applications requiring greater durability.

Therefore, the manufacturing and processing of the cylinder head cover is very important to ensure the overall performance and quality of the engine. After years of development, Zhengheng Power has become a well-known domestic and foreign production base for engine blocks, cylinder heads, bearing caps, oil pump bodies, gearbox casings, and cast aluminum parts. Provide customers with one-stop service of design, mold, casting and machining. Look forward to working with you!

Post time: Sep-28-2023

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