Can new energy be rolled out? -The falling price of lithium carbonate boosts consumption boom

Recently, the new energy vehicle market has ushered in a positive change. The continued decline in lithium carbonate prices has given consumers more room for price adjustment. The impact of this trend not only has a profound impact on the new energy vehicle industry, but also helps promote wider consumption and promote the popularity of green travel.
Lithium carbonate is the core raw material for new energy vehicle power batteries, accounting for nearly 40% of the total vehicle cost. The sharp decline in the price of lithium carbonate has caused the manufacturing cost of new energy vehicles to drop significantly. This trend helps lower the selling price of new energy vehicles and provides more consumers with the opportunity to purchase new energy vehicles.
Judging from the historical changes in the price of lithium carbonate, from the historical high of nearly 600,000 yuan/ton in November last year to less than 200,000 yuan/ton today, the price has fluctuated violently. This change not only reflects changes in market supply and demand, but is also related to the growth rate of the new energy vehicle market. Although the growth rate of the new energy vehicle market has slowed down, it still shows strong development momentum.


Image source: Business Society
As the price of lithium carbonate declines, the manufacturing cost of new energy vehicles decreases, making it easier for consumers to accept the price of new energy vehicles. Since August this year, many new energy vehicle companies have joined the price war and reduced vehicle prices through official discounts, new car discounts, and terminal profit concessions. This means that more consumers can enjoy the benefits of new energy vehicles, promoting the market popularity of new energy vehicles.

The new energy vehicle market is expected to continue to benefit from declining lithium carbonate prices in the coming years. This trend will provide more consumers with opportunities to purchase new energy vehicles and accelerate the development of the new energy vehicle market.


Overall, consumers benefit from it. This trend will encourage more people to choose green travel methods. Zhengheng Power has the ability to provide high-quality solutions and production, technical capabilities and experience in the field of new energy power casings. With automated production lines, it has reached new heights in terms of quality control, production efficiency, and environmental friendliness, helping environmental protection and sustainable development.

Post time: Oct-12-2023

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