Engine block is the most important part of automobile engine. Its function is to provide the installation and support of each engine and its components, ensure the accurate position of moving parts such as piston, connecting rod and crankshaft, and ensure the ventilation, cooling and lubrication of the engine.


The material of engine block is generally gray iron, such as HT200 and HT250. Because the working environment of the cylinder block is humid (working under the immersion of gasoline), and it has high temperature, high load and intense friction. Therefore, the cylinder block is required to have high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and good heat dissipation, while gray iron can meet the requirements of high strength, hardness and high wear resistance, and has excellent process performance, vibration damping, cutting performance and low cost, but the disadvantage is large weight. So now more and more cylinders are made of aluminum alloy, because its biggest advantage is to reduce the weight of the cylinder, which also conforms to the trend of automobile lightweight.


According to the different positions of the installation plane of the cylinder block and the oil pan, the cylinder block is usually divided into the following three forms:


(1) General cylinder block: it is characterized in that the installation plane of the oil pan is at the same height as the rotation center of the crankshaft.


(2) Gantry cylinder: it is characterized in that the installation plane of the oil pan is lower than the rotation center of the crankshaft.


(3) Tunnel cylinder block: the main bearing hole of the crankshaft of this type of cylinder block is integral, and rolling bearings are used. The main bearing hole is large, and the crankshaft is installed from the rear of the cylinder block.


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Post time: May-02-2020

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