As the heart of automobile, engine directly affects the overall performance of automobile. At present, with the development of automobile towards lightweight, the application proportion of aluminum engine in automobile industry is higher and higher. Because the wear resistance of aluminum alloy is not as good as cast iron, cast iron cylinder liner must be embedded in traditional aluminum engine to improve the wear resistance. However, the disadvantage of cast iron cylinder liner is the packaging between cylinder liner and cylinder block. Due to the different heat capacity characteristics of the two materials, it will affect the durability of aluminum engine cylinder block. In this regard, foreign automobile manufacturers have developed a new process technology, namely cylinder hole spraying technology, which can also be called cylinder liner free technology.


Cylinder bore spraying technology refers to the use of thermal spraying technology (arc spraying or plasma spraying) to spray a layer of alloy coating or other composite materials on the inner wall of roughened aluminum engine cylinder bore to replace the traditional cast iron cylinder liner. The coated aluminum alloy cylinder block is still an integrated cylinder block, and the thickness of the coating is only 0.3mm. It has the advantages of reducing the weight of the engine, reducing the friction and wear between the cylinder hole and the piston, improving heat conduction, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission.


At present, this new technology has been applied to the ea211 engine of Volkswagen, Audi A8 gasoline electric engine, VW Lupo 1.4L TSI, GM Opel, Nissan GT-R engine, BMW's latest B-series engine, the 5.2L V8 engine (voodoo) on the new Ford Mustang shelbygt350, the 3.0T V6 engine (vr30dett) on the new Nissan Infiniti Q50, etc. In China, some automobile manufacturers and engine manufacturers have also begun to explore this new technology. It is believed that more and more engines will adopt this advanced technology in the future.

Post time: Feb-02-2021

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