When it comes to the engine block, you may find that the inner wall of the cylinder hole is covered with cross lines. This is what we call cylinder hole reticulation, which is formed after honing the cylinder hole.


Why honing these cylinder holes? As we all know, the piston moves back and forth rapidly in the cylinder hole, tens of thousands of times per minute, coupled with the high temperature of combustion. If the lubrication is not good, it is easy to cause cylinder hole wear or even strain; If it is light, the friction will increase and the power and economy will decrease; The serious problem is gas channeling, oil burning and serious deterioration of engine combustion state! Black smoke!


In order to make the friction between the piston and the cylinder hole reach the realm of harmony between man and nature, the technology of cylinder hole honing came into being.

In the field of automobile engine block machining, the honing technology of cylinder hole largely determines the performance and service life of the engine. In order to achieve high precision and ideal chequer on the surface, honing generally needs more than three times of honing, and the ideal chequer is formed through several honing processes. The cylinder hole wall can ensure the smooth movement of the piston, ensure the reasonable oil storage capacity and ensure the stability of the oil film, so as to greatly improve the lubrication of the friction pair and increase the service life of the engine.

At present, the mainstream honing technologies are platform honing and umbrella sliding honing. Among them, the sliding honing technology of screw umbrella is more advanced.


Cylinder hole screw umbrella sliding honing is the latest technology in Europe. It is more perfect in cylinder hole lubrication, initial wear, oil consumption and friction resistance. It is the key technology for foreign engine companies to block domestic independent brands. Through independent research and development, Zhengheng Co., Ltd. adopts rough honing, fine honing, screw umbrella honing and polishing honing, and adjusts the honing materials to make the products meet the requirements of screw umbrella honing. It is at the forefront of domestic cylinder hole honing technology and fully in line with the latest foreign technology.

Post time: May-25-2021

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