Chengdu Zhengheng Power Parts Co., Ltd., through the research on the technical trend of large-scale diesel engine in the future, is keenly aware that the fuselage integrated cylinder block and cylinder head integrated design (monoblock) engine will become the mainstream trend and technical direction of heavy-duty diesel engine of construction machinery in the future because of its unique advantages.

The advantages of fuselage conjoined engine are:

1. Increase the power to the theoretical extreme value;

2. Greatly improve the production efficiency of the engine and shorten the product development cycle;

3. The size of the engine product is compact, the self weight is reduced, which greatly facilitates the assembly and design;

4. Improved reliability and increased maintenance intervals.

Since 2012, Chengdu Zhengheng Power Parts Co., Ltd. has invested R & D strength and funds to study the casting and machining technology of cast iron cylinder block used in fuselage integrated engine.

The product development features of cylinder block and cylinder head integrated engine cylinder block include:

1. Complex design:

Because the cylinder block and cylinder head are formed by one-time casting, the product structure is much more complex than that of single casting cylinder block or cylinder head; In addition, in the process of post cleaning of castings, manual and equipment can not directly reach the complex inner cavity holes;

2. Difficult casting process:

The number of cylinder hole sand core, water jacket core and oil duct core bonded in the process of box closing is more than twice that of the original casting process, the geometric level of difficulty is increased, and the requirements for sand core strength and accuracy are higher;

3. Ultra thin wall thickness:

The minimum wall thickness of the casting is 3.5mm, and this wall thickness occurs more than 4 times, which has extremely high requirements for the accuracy of the molding machine and the strength and quality of the sand core;

4. Difficult processing:

Especially in the processing of intake and exhaust seat ring holes and cylinder holes, Zhengheng power has completed product development through technological innovation, and the quality of key parts is better than that in Europe.


After nearly half a year of research and development, Zhengheng power successfully developed the fuselage integrated engine block (monoblock) in 2013, which has the technical ability to research and develop the heavy diesel engine block of high-end engineering machinery. At the end of 2013, Zhengheng power reached cooperation with top engine companies in Europe and launched a series of two cylinder and four cylinder cost-effective fuselage integrated diesel engines suitable for the Chinese market.

Post time: Oct-11-2021

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