With the advancement of global automotive lightweighting and the development of new energy vehicles, Zhengheng Power is focusing on the construction of die-casting intelligent chemical plants, expanding the die-casting intelligent manufacturing workshop in Dayi Industrial Zone, expanding the production scale of aluminum alloy die-casting, and improving the grade and intelligent level of die-casting equipment , To accelerate the promotion of integrated innovation and upgrading of processes, technologies, equipment, and products.

The main products are aluminum castings such as aluminum alloy cylinder blocks, gearboxes, new energy vehicle power supply and controller housings, body structure parts, and 5G base station cavities.


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The die-casting workshop covers an area of more than 7,800 square meters. The first and second phases of the workshop plan to install 35 200-3500 tons die-casting units. At the same time, the digital factory management system and intelligent logistics system are introduced to improve the management level and operation efficiency.

At present, the infrastructure and equipment installation and commissioning of the new workshop are proceeding simultaneously, and it is expected that the construction will be completed before the end of this year and trial production will begin.





The newly built die-casting production line has the following advantages:

Form a series of production capacity of large, medium and small die-casting parts, and can realize the production of a variety of die-cast aluminum alloy material grades at the same time to meet the differentiated needs of customers.

Die casting equipment adopts unit configuration (equipped with robot/manipulator, trimming machine, conveyor belt, point cooler, vacuum machine, paint proportioning machine and other auxiliary production equipment), with high degree of automation, good product consistency, and low labor intensity. Can realize labor saving and improve production efficiency. Large die-casting machines are equipped with real-time die-casting parameters monitoring system, have key process parameter overflow alarm function, and intelligently identify the quality of castings by networking with robots, which can effectively control product quality.

The production line is equipped with two types of enhanced finishing equipment, shot blasting and vibration grinding, which can meet the production of die castings with high appearance quality requirements.

With complete testing equipment required for die-casting production, it provides reliable quality control methods for die-casting products.

The use of a digital information management system can realize timely and accurate delivery of production information and on-site visualization, enhance departmental collaboration, factory intelligent manufacturing and refined management levels, and improve operational efficiency.

Introduce an intelligent logistics system to ensure scientific and orderly factory logistics, reduce errors, save manpower, and improve logistics efficiency.




The construction of the die-casting smart factory integrates the existing die-casting equipment as a whole, and makes full use of the company’s existing processing center equipment to effectively integrate and utilize resources. The die-casting smart factory will form the scale and production capacity required by customers. Solved the existing resource bottleneck problem of die-casting products, comprehensively enhanced the company’s die-casting product market competitiveness, and provided Zhengheng Power with the power and foundation for sustainable development in the future market demand.




Post time: Dec-15-2021

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