Orientation meeting for new employees of Zhengheng Power

On July 21-22, Zhengheng Power held an orientation meeting for new employees! Representatives of leaders of Zhengheng Power, leaders and teachers of various schools, and 192 new employees attended the orientation meeting. On behalf of Zhengheng Power, Mr. Huang Yong, the factory manager of Zhengheng, welcomed the arrival of the leaders of all schools, and expressed his joy to the new partners, and then introduced the company’s development history!


Principal Li of Sichuan Boiler Advanced Technical School delivered a speech on behalf of the school, wishing all students a smooth, safe and rewarding internship.

川锅李校长致辞 (2)

Wen, Vice President of Sichuan Modern Intelligent Manufacturing College and Miss Zhong, Youth League Committee Member of Sichuan Mechatronics College, who were not present at the scene, met with the students in the training in the form of video.

现代智能学院温副院长 机电学院钟老师

During the training period, the power of setting an example, they stood out among the newcomers and won unanimous awards from their leading colleagues. The four colleagues He Kaixu, Yang Rui, Xie Zhibin and Wu Liyi who won the Outstanding Newcomer Award were awarded certificates of honor by Principal Li and Minister Lei Zhichuan of Sichuan Boiler Advanced Technical School.

优秀新人奖 优秀新人颁奖 (3)

This orientation meeting has deepened the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, the integration of production and education, innovative ideas, and continuous innovation, so as to promote a win-win situation for both schools and enterprises. I hope that the students can be in Zhengheng this summer “What you get is what you want, what you want is what you want, what you do is a smooth path”!

Post time: Jul-28-2022

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