How to choose between hybrid models and pure electric new energy?

With the advantages of low carbon and environmental protection, cost-effective charging costs and constantly improving product functions, new energy vehicles have become the general trend. In recent years, the sales of new energy vehicles in the world have been increasing. Among the top ten best-selling new energy vehicle models in the world, 6 are Chinese brand models.


Data source: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, “Technical Roadmap 2.0 for Energy-Saving and New Energy Vehicles”

How to choose a new energy vehicle that suits you, you must first understand the classification of new energy vehicles:

1. The gasoline-electric hybrid model adds a set of three-electric systems to the gasoline-fueled vehicle. Because the battery capacity is not large, the pure electric cruising range is generally less than 50 kilometers. The advantage of this model is that it is more fuel-efficient than pure fuel vehicles, but the disadvantage is that it cannot hang a new energy license, and the car purchase price is more expensive than pure fuel vehicles.

2. The pure electric cruising range of plug-in hybrid models is higher than that of gasoline-electric hybrid models, and new energy licenses can be attached. The cruising range of plug-in hybrid vehicles can reach 60 kilometers or even 100 kilometers. Traveling in urban areas can save a considerable amount of fuel consumption. Because the plug-in hybrid model also has a set of engines, there is no need to worry about running out of power and cannot drive, just driving in pure fuel mode, its fuel consumption will be higher.

3. The mode of the extended-range electric vehicle is somewhat similar to that of the plug-in hybrid model, except that it is equipped with a range extender. As long as the battery has power, the engine can be run in an efficient range. Ideally, the comprehensive cruising range and fuel economy of the car can reach a relatively high level. However, the range extender has a disadvantage. If the engine power is too small or the vehicle is powered down, the range extender must supply power at the same time, and the power of the vehicle will be greatly affected.

4. The biggest advantage of pure electric vehicles is that they do not burn oil, and because electricity is cheap, it can save a lot of car maintenance expenses a year. However, charging stations are not yet popular, especially when running long distances, there may be cases where the battery cannot be charged, and the weather is too cold or the battery life will be affected when driving at high speeds. Moreover, the insurance and maintenance costs of vehicles are much more expensive than those of pure fuel vehicles, and used cars may only be sold at a “cabbage price”.

After the comparison, do you have an answer in your mind?

Zhengheng Power has developed a number of new aluminum alloy cylinder block products simultaneously with many well-known domestic OEMs, which will be installed in new energy vehicles and hybrid vehicles, and will be gradually mass-produced in the next 2-3 years. At present, the development and production of aluminum alloy engine block has been used in China’s own brand passenger cars and hybrid models, and has gradually achieved mass production.


New energy cylinder

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Post time: Aug-09-2022

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