Extensive use of aluminum parts in automotive lightweighting

Vehicle lightweighting has gradually become one of the important development directions of the automotive industry. In order to meet increasingly stringent emission standards, in addition to adopting higher-cost exhaust gas purification technologies, various automobile manufacturers are also vigorously promoting vehicle lightweighting.

Lightweight parts represented by aluminum alloys are an important part of automobile lightweighting. my country's automobile production has ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years. However, in terms of automobile aluminization rate, the average amount of aluminum used in Chinese passenger cars is 130 kg. / car or so. In North America, it is planned that the amount of aluminum used in automobiles will reach 250 kg/vehicle by 2025, and the amount of aluminum used in domestic automobiles will reach the world's advanced level in 2025. At present, the application trend of lightweight parts is obvious. With the continuous development of the chemical process, it is expected that the penetration rate of aluminum used in various major components of automobiles will increase significantly in the future.


Zhengheng Power focuses on the construction of die-casting intelligent factories, expands the die-casting intelligent manufacturing workshop in Dayi Industrial Zone, and expands the production scale of aluminum alloy die-casting. It will make full use of the process technology, production capacity, experience and integration of casting and machining in the casting production process production advantage.



The die-casting workshop will install 200-3,500-ton die-casting units. At the same time, a digital factory management system and an intelligent logistics system will be introduced to improve the management level and operational efficiency, and utilize the existing high-pressure, low-pressure and gravity die-casting equipment and advanced lightweight machining technology.



The production products include: aluminum alloy cylinder blocks, gearboxes, new energy vehicle battery housings and controller housings, body structural parts, 5G base station cavity and other aluminum castings, which contribute to the development of energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicle parts.

Post time: Jul-25-2022

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