Zhengheng Power’s Second Quarter Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference


On the morning of July 13, 2022, the second quarter commendation conference of Zhengheng Power was officially held! To commend outstanding individuals and teams in the second quarter, and thank them for their conscientious efforts and dedication in their positions.


01Quality Knowledge Contest Award


Quality is the core standard, and understanding the knowledge of quality work is the essence of their learning!


02Tutor allowance and internal trainer allowance


Cultivate high-quality talents, establish a talent training mechanism, and lay a solid foundation for the future of Zhengheng Power. Thank you for the hard work of Zhengheng internal trainers and mentors!

03 Quarterly Excellent Proposal Award and Excellent Project Award

黄总颁奖 (1)

Continuous improvement in all aspects is the first time that Zhengheng Power can innovate and create, and it is inseparable from the enthusiasm and care of these outstanding employees for their work!

04 Outstanding Individual Honor Award


In the past 6 months, they have braved the wind and waves, stirred up waves, and turned their work from ordinary into excellent. This spirit is worthy of our admiration!


05 5S Excellent Team Award

杨总颁奖 (2)

At work, the EZ01 team has achieved three “most” words, that is, the fewest problems found during the inspection process; the fastest rectification and reply; and the least recurrence of maintenance problems. Hope they can make persistent efforts in the future work and create greater glories!

06Quality Assurance Advanced Team Award

刘总颁奖 (3)

The RH stent production line team, they have proved with practical actions that they can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions. They firmly believe in the concept of quality in my heart and quality in my hands, and thank the RH stent production line team for their hard work!

leadership instructions

The factory manager Mr. Huang Yong congratulated the winners of the second quarter, and hoped that everyone will continue to carry forward the spirit of daring to challenge and take responsibility in future work. At the same time, I would like to express my welcome to the new interns who joined the company, and also make requirements for the focus of work in the next quarter. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of Zhengheng people who dare to challenge and struggle, overcome difficulties, win the battle throughout the year, and realize our dream goals!


Finally, Mr. Liu Fan, the chairman of the board, expressed his most heartfelt congratulations to the commended partners and teams, and thanked everyone for their hard work and contributions in the first half of the year. In the face of the severe impact of the epidemic on the national economy, such achievements are hard-won, and we still have to overcome many difficulties in the second half of the year. We still have to keep our five tasks in mind – safety, production, quality, cost, talent development. And each of our employees and cadres should keep in mind our mission, not forgetting our original intention, we must further spread positive energy, what is positive energy – “give hope, give direction, give strength, give wisdom, give People are confident and people are happy!” We believe that the current difficulties will soon pass, and the dawn will come!


Post time: Jul-19-2022

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