The materials of engine cylinder block include iron and aluminum. Zhengheng Co., Ltd. has customized high-quality cast iron engine cylinder block and cast aluminum engine cylinder block for customers for many years. The advantages of cast iron engine cylinder block lie in stronger heat load capacity, more compact and small volume of cylinder block; High corrosion resistance and strength. Zhengheng foundry has many years of casting technology and experience. In the specialized field of automobile engine block, we have carried out continuous technical reform, attempt and summary, and sorted these valuable experiences into documents for internal employees and peer experts for reference. This excellent paper has been published in the professional journal of casting. It has been highly praised by automobile engine block casting experts. Thank you for your hard work for this paper!

Content abstract: three failure modes of resin sand are introduced: service time of Resin Sand > service time of resin sand; When the core is placed for a long time, the moisture absorption and strength are reduced. During pouring, the normal resin sand core is baked and soaked by high-temperature liquid metal, which quickly loses its strength, deforms, cracks and collapses. The failure of resin sand can lead to: the strength of resin sand decreases, resulting in sand flushing, sand hole and sand falling; Choking fire and air hole caused by moisture absorption of core; Casting and dimensional problems caused by deformation of resin sand mold and core.

The following is the whole paper:

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