Zhengheng Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the R & D and production of automobile engine cylinder block for nearly 30 years. It has a one-stop service from casting to processing. The technical production capacity of foundry and machining plant is among the best in the same industry in China. We have carried out continuous reform, attempt and summary in technology, and sorted these valuable experiences into documents for internal employees and peer experts for reference. This excellent paper has been published in China's casting technology magazine and has been highly praised by automobile engine cylinder block casting experts. Thank you for your hard work for this paper!

Content abstract: Engine lightweight is not only an important means of automobile energy conservation and emission reduction, but also one of the goals pursued by automobile development. Engine lightweight is mainly the lightweight of cylinder block. There are two main ways to lighten the cylinder block: one is to select aluminum alloy with low density in material, and the other is to reduce the wall thickness. Usually the material is vermicular cast iron or ductile iron. However, gray cast iron is still widely used from single cylinder to vertical 2-6 cylinders, as well as V6 and V8 cylinders; Even the cylinder block of large marine diesel engine has been made of gray cast iron. This is mainly because the gray cast iron cylinder block has: low manufacturing cost compared with the cast aluminum alloy cylinder block; Excellent seismic resistance, its anelastic effect (internal friction) is much greater than that of aluminum alloy, even greater than that of steel and ductile iron. Flake graphite cast iron has good thermal conductivity and small notch sensitivity. The cylinder blocks of hm479q, M12, jl1.8t and other automobile engines produced by our company are made of HT250 and HT300. The cylinder block castings meeting the product quality standard were obtained by vertical casting and bottom injection process, high CE low alloying and Sr Si inoculant.

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Post time: Jun-02-2021

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