“The Golden Rooster announces the dawn and leaves the old year, and the jade dog welcomes the new year”. The 2017 Spring Festival commendation conference of Zhengheng Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the machining plant, foundry and small foundry of Zhengheng Co., Ltd. on February 10 and 11, 2018.

Leader’s speech:

微信图片_20210908160653(Speech by President Liu, CEO of Zhengheng Co., Ltd)


(Speech by deputy general manager of machining plant)


(Speech by Lei Zong, vice president of foundry production)


(Speech by Mr. Kou, deputy production manager of small casting factory)

This commendation conference has “wonderful star”, “excellent star”, “basic management star”, “excellent topic”, “excellent proposal” and “best career growth Award” respectively “And other six awards. The award aims to thank the outstanding employees who made outstanding contributions and made extraordinary progress to the company in 2017: they spared no effort to support the company’s product production and prospect development; they made extraordinary contributions in ordinary posts!


(Mr. Chen, chief financial officer, and Mr. Yu, deputy chief financial officer, presented awards to the wonderful stars)

In the past year, the grass-roots managers of Zhengheng Co., Ltd. worked overtime and worked hard without complaint. While sticking to their posts, they did not forget to teach our new members carefully; They actively accomplish the goals set by the company and actively participate in the creative work of the team; They have a high sense of group cohesion and honor; They are our “basic management stars”!


(Deputy general manager of production and general manager Ren presented awards to the foundation management star)


(Lei Zong, vice president of production, presented awards to the star of basic management)


(The deputy general manager of administration and personnel presented awards to the grass-roots management star)

Innovation is the source of our progress and the wind vane of our progress. Innovation allows us to constantly explore the future development space and find better optimization schemes and strategies.

微信图片_20210908160753 微信图片_20210908160758 微信图片_20210908160802 微信图片_20210908160807

(Leaders present awards for outstanding topics and proposals)

In Zhengheng’s big family, there are functional colleagues who silently contribute; There are conscientious engineering elite; There are also hard-working production experts. They are the backbone of the company. They refuse mediocrity and indulgence. They sweat in the hot sun. They are busy in the cold winter. Every harvest of the company has their hard work and every achievement has their unremitting efforts.


(Coo president Zhang presented the award to the star of excellence)


(CEO Mr. Liu presented the annual excellent career growth award)


(Coo president Zhang presented the annual excellent career growth award)

Thousands of words can’t tell us all the blessings and expectations for the company. They give their songs to the company. The flying songs convey their deep love for the company, and strengthen their faith and determination at the same time!


(II. Factory chorus “song of Tonglin”)


Thirty years have passed day by day, and those flowing time has become an indelible mark in our hearts. We should always remind ourselves, motivate ourselves and spur ourselves! Don’t forget the original heart and always get it. We are excellent Zhengheng people! On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, all the staff of Zhengheng shares wish new and old customers good luck in the Spring Festival and all the best!












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