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With the continuous improvement of regulations and standards on vehicle emissions and fuel consumption by various governments, new measures have been proposed for engine weight reduction and friction reduction.

Requirements, the powertrain realizes the new requirements for the emission and fuel consumption of fuel vehicles through technologies such as improving driving efficiency, reducing friction, reducing weight, and reducing fuel consumption. The spray coating on the inner wall of the cylinder bore replaces the traditional cast iron cylinder liner process.

Using the plasma spraying process of the cylinder hole wall, the all-aluminum alloy cylinder block without cylinder liner is manufactured to realize the lightweight of the engine, reduce the friction loss of the engine, improve the engine performance, and optimize the thermodynamic characteristics of the cylinder hole, which has become the choice of major foreign automobile companies.

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Atmospheric plasma thermal spraying process principle

The cylinder bore coating is formed with an open and dispersed porous surface after honing. It is these smooth and rounded holes that reduce the exposed area of fuel in the combustion chamber and the piston ring; at the same time, the tangential force of the oil scraper ring is reduced, so that the piston ring can enter the hydrodynamic state more smoothly, and the frictional resistance is significantly reduced and wear, thereby further reducing fuel consumption and the possibility of blow-by.



The special porous surface oil storage structure does not wear off during the honing process like the textured structure of the flat top honing process. As the work wears out, as the coating thickness gradually decreases, new lubrication holes will appear on the surface of the coating, ensuring the sustainability of performance. In addition, the thickness of the coating after honing is between 120-150 microns. Compared with the cast iron cylinder liner, the thin-walled coating greatly improves the heat transfer between the cylinder bore and the cylinder block.

In June 2018, Zhengheng Power was the first domestic engine block manufacturer in China to introduce plasma spraying technology and equipment for engine cylinder bores, and established a cylinder bore plasma spraying technology center.


The company’s scientific research project “Preparation of Key Components of Internal Combustion Engine Power System and Its Strengthening Technology and Application” focuses on the technical research and innovation of cylinderless coating technology and its interface strengthening technology, and won the first prize of the 2021 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award.


Zhengheng Power has completed the technical development of linerless aluminum alloy cylinder block, long-life diesel engine and cylinder liner and other products. Cooperative spraying process.


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Post time: Sep-27-2022

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