Inward Crazy Volume! Four cylinder potential of large displacement motorcycle

At the 2022 20th China International Motorcycle Expo, which just ended in November, all manufacturers will come out with their own four cylinder engines!

Mobo four-cylinder model manufacturer

In the eyes of motorcycle players, there is a concept of “all things are inferior, only four cylinders are high”. With the intensification of domestic market competition, domestic major manufacturers have rolled up. Positioning of large displacement motorcycle: high-end, entertaining and personalized, more and more popular among young motorcycle users. At present, there are not as many four cylinder motorcycles as single cylinder and double cylinder motorcycles in the market. What are the popular advantages of four cylinder motorcycles?

 Motorcycle four-cylinder engine

-Picture from Motu Motu Travel

First of all, the sound is good. For many riders, once their own sound waves crush others, they can highlight their uniqueness. The sound of a four cylinder motorcycle will tempt some motorcycle riders. The four cylinder motorcycle has an inherent rhythm advantage, which is more continuous and rich, and sounds very pleasant.

Motorcycle sound

-The picture is from Wuji Research Institute

The second is its riding quality. Four cylinder motorcycles are superior to single cylinder and double cylinder engines in riding and running smoothness, because each cylinder is an independent cylinder, and the air pressure is greater and uniform. It can ensure that the whole car is very smooth and comfortable to drive without jerking. When you turn the accelerator up, you can still feel the driving experience.

Motorcycle four-cylinder

-The picture is from Zhou Xingxing who said that the car was stolen

The third is that the players have a strong feeling for the four cylinder motorcycle model. The development of the four cylinder motorcycle in China is relatively late. Previously, the four cylinder motorcycle was imported with large displacement. However, with the upgrading of domestic motorcycle manufacturing technology, major domestic manufacturers launched new models for the four cylinder motorcycle to meet the players’ expectations for super power and mechanical sense.

In terms of assisting motorcycle manufacturing, in 2018, POSITIVE POWER, as the first domestic engine block manufacturer in China to introduce plasma spraying technology and equipment for engine cylinder holes, established a cylinder hole plasma spraying technology center.

 Thermal spraying Thermal spraying


The domestic engine has developed rapidly in recent years, and the positive constant power plasma spraying center has officially entered the era of large displacement, providing customized high-end double cylinder, four cylinder and eight cylinder motorcycle engine block services for many well-known domestic motorcycle manufacturers, and successfully applying the cylinder hole plasma spraying technology to cooperative products to achieve mass production.

This technology can greatly reduce the overall weight and fuel consumption of the engine, improve the corrosion resistance of the cylinder bore, reduce the friction of the cylinder bore, and improve the engine performance, so as to contribute to the freedom of speeding!

Post time: Nov-09-2022

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