Zhengheng power takes the engine blockof agricultural machinery as a new strategic growth point in the next five years

In 2012, Zhengheng power successfully obtained the order for housing casting of f40b tractor clutch shell from Suzhou Kubota Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide Suzhou Kubota with casting and machining finished products of the product. Before cooperation, Suzhou Kubota and Japan Kubota headquarters conducted a comprehensive investigation on Zhengheng powe


Features of this product: 1. Large weight (107kg), which is the largest single weight product developed by Zhengheng power; 2. Thin wall design, the thinnest part is 3mm, which is difficult to cast; 3. High tolerance requirements; 4. The development cycle is short. In order to cooperate with the development progress of Suzhou Kubota, Zhengheng power needs to deliver the first batch of 10 qualified trial assembly samples within 3 months. Zhengheng power works together to deliver the samples within the agreed time with professional experience and excellent R & D ability. It has been inspected and approved by Suzhou Kubota and successfully installed and tested, which has been highly praised by Suzhou Kubota and Japan Kubota headquarters, 1200 and 2000 sets of this product were ordered in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


The successful development and mass production of the clutch shell project of Kubota company is a new road opened by Zhengheng power in the agricultural machinery industry. According to statistics, in 2015, the national production and sales of agricultural machinery reached 2.08 million, and the global production and sales reached an amazing 13 million. Through cooperation with Suzhou jiubaotian, Zhengheng power has obtained the technology and production experience of supporting agricultural machinery industry. We regard the clutch housing project as a touchstone, continue to aim and dig deeply, and take the engine cylinder block of agricultural machinery as a new strategic growth point in the next five years

Post time: Aug-30-2021