Zhengheng power cooperates with SAIC

to carry out core dynamic thin wall

SAIC took the lead in responding to the goal of “reducing the average fuel consumption of passenger cars produced in that year to 5.0l/100km by 2020″ put forward in the national development plan for energy saving and new energy vehicle industry, and released a forward-looking “core strategy” at the 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show opened on April 20, 2015, Two major technology brands, netblue blue core and netgreen green core, are launched, focusing on traditional power and new energy technology respectively. In 2015, in terms of “blue core” powertrain, in addition to introducing the latest technology MGE and SGE series high-efficiency in cylinder direct injection engines, it also invested on the basis of the existing NSE series, and plans to launch the NSE third-generation engine NSE major with higher efficiency and better cost. In terms of engineering technology, the “3.5mm thin wall” lightweight high-strength cylinder block casting technology will be fully displayed on this cylinder block, so as to better meet the current technical trend and trend of automobile lightweight.

In 2015, SAIC designated Zhengheng power to produce the cylinder block of this engine, which is an affirmation of Zhengheng power in the technology, quality and delivery of supporting SAIC NSE engine cylinder block series products in the past few years. At present, Zhengheng power is putting in elite troops and will fully cooperate with SAIC passenger vehicle technology center to improve the “thin wall” and high strength of the cylinder block. Driven by SAIC, Zhengheng power is expected to make a greater breakthrough in the casting technology of “thin-wall and lightweight” cylinder block.


Post time: Aug-30-2021